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The VPA’s 10 point plan aims to address all the factors influencing crime, violence and their negative long term effects that affect our society, especially vulnerable groups. It includes an all hands on deck approach that focuses on crime prevention, child resiliency and safety, community unity, social re-engineering, violence injuries reduction, and a reduction in cost of care for injuries seen at hospitals across Jamaica.


The VPA currently runs two child violence mitigation and resiliency programmes, these are; the Child Resiliency Programme and The Child Abuse Mitigation Project. While the Child Resiliency Programe is geared towards helping at risk youth attain a violent and crime free childhood, the Child Abuse Mitigation Programme helps those children who have been victims of violence seen at select hospitals across Jamaica.


The VPA’s Approach to Community safety and Crime Prevention focuses on three areas; asset mapping, stakeholder interventions and the creation of data driven policy, derived from spatial and statistical analysis of crime in affected communities.


The cost for community security and the treatment of violence related injuries (VRIs) is a significant burden to tax payers, and a hindrance to the development of Jamaica. The VPA along with its partners conduct cost of care surveys in majour hospitals across Jamaica. The survey results underline the circumstances that lead to VRIs, the treatment and care administered to VRI patients, and the cost of care for each VRI patient. This research also helps to develop informed interventions to aid in the reduction of VRIs and their associated costs.

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Through community asset mapping initiatives, the VPA provides an opportunity for organizations from all sectors of society to unite around a shared public health approach to violence prevention. This public health approach addresses the root causes of violence and improves services and service delivery for victims. The VPA in collaboration with Mona GIS has been developing technology-based community asset maps since 2009. This process involves the collection of data at the community level and the subsequent preparation and publication of digital and paper maps using geo-spatial programming and analysis. Mona GIS, an arm of the University of the West Indies, has invaluable technical capacity and experience in this highly specialized area of geo-spatial programming and cartography. View Interactive Maps

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